Improve English through Reading


Are you looking for interesting ways to study and improve English?

Our English School Library Will Help You to Improve English through Reading

Link School’s Library has a small collection of books in English with a good range of different genres and styles suited to different needs and levels of English. Our books are divided into four colour coded levels so students of all levels can improve English through reading:
– Starter/Elementary (for English beginners)
– Pre-Intermediate (for lower intermediate English learners)
– Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate (for higher intermediate level learners)
– Advanced (for more advanced and fluent English learners)

How does it work?

There is a £3 refundable deposit for borrowing books. Students may borrow up to 3 books at a time, and books are due one month from the date that they are borrowed. Books may be renewed as many times as desired.

If you would like to improve English faster, have a look and borrow books from the Library.

Location: room 6

Benefits of Reading in English:
  • learning new vocabulary in context
  • a good model for writing
  • learning natural English
  • practising the correct English grammar structure
  • enjoying your personal interests while improving English
  • you can improve English faster

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Happy Reading in English!