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How to Read in English more Quickly

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How to read in English Easily

Find out how to read in English quickly and about benefits of reading in English

Student reading in English at language school in London. Find out how to read in English more quickly.

Read in English easily

All of us read something every day, whether it’s for work or study, finding information for your everyday life or just reading for pleasure. At our English language school we very often hear from students that they would like to start reading books in English but they find it challenging. Here are some tips on how to get started with reading in English, make it easy and enjoyable. But let’s start from the benefits of reading in English, some of them you may find surprising.
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How to Improve Reading in English

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How to Improve Reading in English

6 Tips and hints from an English teacher at Link School of English

There are various ways to improve your speed at reading in English, these ideas apply just as much to English native speakers as to English learners. You may find that you have imported some of your bad (or good) habits from your own language.

Tip 1: Don’t say the words in your head

When you are reading in English for speed, don’t say the words in your head or by moving your lips. This is called sub-vocalization. It can really slow you down and doesn’t look good either. Not everyone does this, but watch out for it in case you do it. If you do tend to do it, try to keep your mouth shut or chew some gum etc.
Try to see words as pictures, not something you need to say.
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