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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book my course online?
Yes. To book your English course online, request a placement test and we will send it to you by e-mail. Registration form can be also sent by e-mail.
Will I get a certificate?
Yes, on your request. It is a good idea to collect certificates showing your progress in English and add them to your professional portfolio. There is an administration fee of £5 for the issue of a certificate.
Can I join any time?
Our intensive English classes you can join any Monday. In this case you will normally join a group which is already up and running to provide maximum flexibility of the start date.
Our evening and weekend classes as well as exam preparation courses it is best to join when the course starts. If you do not wish to wait till a new course starts and we have a place available in currently running groups, you may be able to join immediately.
How big are the course groups?
Our course groups are small, up to 8 students. Occasionally the number of students may be increased up to the limit of 10, but never more than that.
Is there a registration fee?
No. Many English schools charge registration fees, but we don’t. You will only pay your course fees. However if you book other services with us, additional fees may apply.
How can I pay for my English course?
You can pay in the school office or online. We accept cards, cash and bank transfers. For more details go to the course fees payment information.
Do I need a course book?
If you attend General English part-time courses, you will need to buy a course book. For intensive course students (General English and IELTS) course books are available to buy or to borrow from the school.
Who are your teachers?
We guarantee that all of our teachers are CELTA or Trinity TESOL qualified. They are experts in teaching English language to adults. Most of our teachers are English native speakers using British English.
When was Link School of English established
Link School of English was established in January 2009.
What if I miss my class?
Don’t worry, if you miss one or two lessons, you will be able to follow your course. Ask your teacher what was done, check with a colleague their notes and your text book.
How old are students in your school?
Most of our students are mature adults, the main age groups are:30-50 (48%), 25-30 (32%), 19-25 (13%). We accept student from the age of 16 with no upper limit.
What nationalities are your students?
We have international student from all over the world. Most of them are from Europe, but not only. In most of classes we have a mix of different nationalities. You will definitely have an opportunity to meet people from different countries.
What ages are your students?
We can accept students from the age of 16 but most of our learners are mature adults in their 30s and 20s.

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