Students of Our English School in London

English Language Students at Link School

What are the ages and nationalities of students in your English school in London?

It’s a question our students ask before they enrol on our English courses.

If you are planning to take an English language course at Link School, you too may want to know what to expect from your course group and who you may meet here.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Link School of English

A group of students Adult English school London practising English conversation in class

Student Ages

Link School is an English language school for adults, we can accept students from the age of 16. The biggest age groups are 30+ and 20+. We have quite a lot of learners in their 40s and 50s as well. Some students below the age of 20 join our classes too. We welcome everyone, no matter the age.

Student Ages in 2015

Nationalities of Our Students

Our English school in London students come from all over the world. You will have an opportunity to study in an international group of people from different countries and make friends with them. Last year (2015) students from the following countries learned English in our school: Poland, Spain, Italy, Japan, Romania, Brazil, Germany, Ukraine, France, Bulgaria, China, Portugal, Hungary, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Albania, Greece, Argentina, Lithuania, Turkey, Russia, Slovakia, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Venezuela, Kosovo, Bostwana, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Uganda, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Malasia, Moldova, Bangladesh.

Countries of Origin of Our Students in 2015

Make the most of your stay in London, enjoy the town and make friends. Find out more about our Social Activities at Link School.

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