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Student Success Story – Iliyana

Iliyana’s Story

Here is a short story of one of our students: her language study in London and how improved English helped her to find a good job in London.

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My English study at Link School of English

My name is Iliyana Galeva and I would like to share my great experience I had at Link School of English, where I have been studying for six month on a super intensive English course.

I needed this course, because I wanted to find a job in London (any job). However, to find a suitable job in my profession was not something I expected before I started my course at Link School of English. When I look back at my studies in the last six months, I clearly see that I would not be able to come to this point without the knowledge of English and the support that I received from the teachers.


My internship at Link School

After a few months of studying at Link School I was invited to join the team at Link School office and I loved my time there. I feel that I have learned a lot in a short period of time – a number of important transferable skills that I can take forward with me into my future carrier. Not only I have improved my customer service skills but also have learned how to use my initiative. I have experienced working with a great team, all of whom I will sorely miss. My internship was fantastic and I had incredible time in Link School of English. I am very appreciative of this opportunity.


Iliyana’s career in London

During her internship at our English academy Iliyana started applying for jobs in banking as she had previous experience in the industry. After a series of telephone and face-to-face interviews, tests and checks Iliyana was offered a senior customer service position in banking. We remember when she came in after her first day of training in the new job and said ‘I understood everything!’

Iliyana is now working in a major bank in London.

Congratulations and best wishes from all of us here at Link School!


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