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Are you looking for a good English language course in London? Signing up for English classes is usually a significant time commitment as well as financial expense. You want to make sure that you choose a good school as well as English language courses that suit your needs and will help you to achieve your future goals.

Here’s what past and present students say about our English language courses:
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What Students Say about Our English Language Courses

  • “I’m completely satisfied. My spoken English has improved a lot and I would definitely recommend courses at Link School.”
    ~ Giovanni from Italy
  • “I like the way of teaching, the friendly atmosphere and that the courses are affordable and I can choose most convenient time for me.”
    ~ Student
  • “The teacher is very kind, organised and the course is very well structured.”
    ~ Camelia Zaharia from Romania about our business English course
  • “I'm glad I've found small classes and good teachers.”
    ~ Student
  • “I think this course and the teacher is very good. I understand everything and the atmosphere is really good. I enjoyed the last course. I hope the next class will be very good and useful for me.”
    ~ Balint from Hungary
  • “I would like to study at this school again because teachers and other staff are very polite and they help a lot. I spent a great time at this school. Thank you.”
    ~ Jovana from Serbia
  • “I really like the school. The English lesson in your school is the best. I didn’t expect so perfect organisation.”
    ~ Student
  • “I really like the school. The English lesson in your school is the best. I didn’t expect so perfect organisation.”
    ~ Student
  • “I came here to improve my English and become a waiter and next week I'll work as a waiter in a restaurant in St Paul's. I'm so happy in London, we've a lot of opportunities here.”
    ~ Adria from Spain, November 2013
  • “I would like to study here again because the number of students is small so I can speak in the class often and the teachers are friendly.”
    ~ Student, June 2013

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I really enjoy the conversation

I really enjoy the conversation class.
The teachers are professional and people in my class are nice.
I got lots of news friends at this school !

Student, Conversation Class
12 January 2018