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Common mistakes in English: adapt vs adopt

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Common Mistakes in English: Adapt vs Adopt

There are some very common mistakes in English that even native English speakers make.

Adapt vs adopt. What is the difference?

‘Adapt’ means to change something and make it suitable for a specific use or situation. ‘Adopt’ means to make something one’s own.

Examples of adapt and adopt:

The key to success is often the ability to adapt.

Martin and Anna adopted two orphans.

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Learn English: anyone vs anybody

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Anyone vs Anybody

What is the difference between anyone and anybody?

Which one should I use, ‘anyone’ or ‘anybody’?

Anyone or anybody

Have you ever wondered which form is better to use? Here we have some help for you.

The answer is: both are correct and both mean the same. However ‘anybody’ is less formal and ‘anyone’ will suit more formal expressions. You will want to use ‘anyone’ in formal English or in writing whereas ‘anybody’ will sound natural in everyday informal English.

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Learn English: ‘does anybody’ or ‘do anybody’?

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This is a question very often asked by our students: Does anybody or do anybody?

Does or do anybody, which is correct?

Answer: DOES is correct.

Does anybody vs Do anybody

Do you know why ‘Does anybody’ is correct?

‘Anybody’ is a third person singular form and takes -s in the present simple tense. That’s why the question form requires -s and ‘Does anybody’ is correct.
The same would apply to ‘Does anyone’, ‘Does anything’ etc. Here are some examples:

  • Does anyone have a pen I could borrow?
  • Does anybody know someone who speaks Croatian?

  • Find out about the difference between anyone and anybody.

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    Free London Attractions – Museums

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    London is an expensive city to live in or to visit but you might be surprised how many Free London Attractions are out there. Here is some of free London museums and the list is certainly longer!

    14 Museums in London to Visit for Free

    The British Museum – a museum of the world, for the world, with over two million years of human history and culture

    British Museum in London to visit with Link School of English social programme

    Victoria and Albert Museum – the world’s greatest museum of art and design

    Museum of London – tells the story of London and its people. It holds the largest archaeological archive in Europe.

    The Natural History Museum – a home to over 70 million natural history specimens, from spiders and giant squid to dinosaur bones, mosses and meteorites
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    Hello world!

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