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How to Learn English with Facebook and Twitter

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How to Learn English with Facebook and Twitter

Many of you are probably already on Facebook and Twitter. They are amazing ways of staying in contact with our friends and keeping up to date with everything happening in the world. But how can you use them to learn more English after your English language classes?

Here are a couple of tips on how to learn English with Facebook and Twitter

Step 1. Change the language!

If you change the language of your Facebook or Twitter into English you will very quickly learn English words about the internet and communication!

How to do it – on Facebook, click the triangle in the top right corner, click settings, click language and select English (UK). On Twitter you can change the language from the home page. Click language in the top right corner and select English.
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Effective Business English Communication

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Effective Business English Communication

Business English Communication is a very big field and can be looked at from many angles. The main thing to bear in mind is that the aim is not necessarily or not only to be really fluent or to use beautiful and complex English words and grammar structures. That would be very good, but is not always necessary and could be a bad thing sometimes, for instance when your business partner doesn’t speak fluent English. The reason for learning Business English is so that you can communicate accurately and you can talk in English with people of different English language abilities. This means that you should be able to say what you want to say and be confident that both sides have understood clearly what needs to be done. This could be difficult even for English native speakers, and usually when there is a serious matter to be discussed, people tend to speak very plainly, using structures and verbs which cannot be misunderstood easily. Also, with globalisation, international trade and foreign clients, it really makes sense to speak English in a simple, accurate and clear way.
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How to Learn English with Films

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How to learn English with films

Are you a big movie fan? Are English classes (or work) destroying your precious TV watching time? Well this is your lucky day. Here is an English learning technique for you which combines both study and pleasure.

We should all know about switching on the subtitles on the TV or DVD player by now. You can usually turn on the subtitles for your language or into English, depending on the original language. This is a reasonably useful tool, especially for reading and writing development. But subtitles can easily just turn into a lazy way of reading movies, you probably won’t develop all the necessary skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) in an even manner. Also let’s face it, automatic subtitles can drive you crazy with typos, delays and random errors.
The way to really get learning in a big way via watching loads of movies is actually a little different from what you might imagine.
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Learning English Outside of School

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Learning English Outside of School

How many hours do you spend learning English at the Link School of English every week?

What if there was a way you could learn more English for FREE?

There are lots of ways you can learn and improve English outside of the classroom: at work, at home and even on the bus. Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can learn:

Learning English Speaking Skills

– People in Britain love to chat, especially about the weather! Try talking in English to your colleagues or to people at the shops. I know that can be scary but here are some good ways to start a conversation in English:
– Beautiful day, isn’t it? (if it’s sunny outside)
– Terrible day, isn’t it? (if it’s raining outside)
– Looking forward to the weekend? (on Friday afternoon or evening)
– Good weekend? (on Monday morning)
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Quality English School – Award for Link School

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Quality English School in London

Are you looking for a good English school in London?

We are pleased to share with you this news: Link School of English in London has been awarded The Quality School Award 2014.

The renown Languagebookings.com is honouring the world’s best Language Schools with the Quality School Award. This year Link School of English in London has received the certificate and been recognised as a Quality English School for its high quality standards in its range of language courses and students services.

The LanguageBookings.com Quality School Award is granted to language schools with high appeal for international students, with an unbroken record of best value for money compared to hundreds of schools served by LanguageBookings.com. In addition, the schools show a high quality in education, course availability and impeccable customer service history.

Quality School Award Certificate

Link School of English offers:

– General English Courses
– English Conversation Classes
– Academic English Courses (IELTS Exam Preparation)
– FCE Exam Preparation
– Business English
– Aviation English
– Individual English Lessons

You can book English Courses at English academy through Languagebookings.com – follow this link to visit our profile:
or you can book directly with us – follow this link to find out about our English Courses in west London.

We look forward to welcoming new students to our English School!

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How Academic IELTS Exam is Assessed – Speaking Module

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IELTS Speaking Module Assessment

How is the Academic IELTS Exam Speaking Module Assessed?

This article is for students preparing for the Academic IELTS test and want to know how the speaking part is assessed. This exam module aims to check students’ ability to communicate effectively in English.

English speaking skills are tested by certified examiners who are appointed by the IELTS exam centre and approved by the British Council.
The candidate’s speaking performance is assessed using detailed performance descriptions relating to the nine IELTS bands and using four different criteria: Fluency and Coherence, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range and Accuracy and Pronunciation. All these criteria have equal weighting.

IELTS examiner listening to exam taker talking during IELTS speaking exam

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Fluency and Coherence

This criterion assesses the capability of speaking with natural levels o continuity, rate and effort as well as the ability to link ideas and language together to compose coherent, connected speech. Speech continuity and rate present evidence of speaking fluency.
The coherence criterion considers logical sequencing of sentences, marking stages of discussion clearly, narration or argument as well as the use of cohesive devices (e.g. pronouns, connectors and conjunctions).
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Link School of English is celebrating its 5th anniversary in Ealing!

At this occasion we have prepared a free English language event at Link School of English in London.
Come and join us for an open afternoon!

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– Free English learning event 2018 – How to pass IELTS with a High Score

This is a great opportunity to meet our teachers, find out more about our English school, get useful English learning tips, try an English lesson for free and maybe enrol on an English course.

Within the past 5 years we have helped to improve English, and hopefully to better lives, of many hundreds of students. This is the time to celebrate success English learning stories of our students, fantastic feedback we have been receiving from them throughout the years and enjoy a couple of moments together. And we invite you to celebrate it with us!

Wednesday, 9th April 2014
Times: 1 p.m. – 6 p.m. (last entry 4.45 p.m.)

£50 vouchers for all who attend the event! (T&C apply)
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How is Academic IELTS Writing Assessed

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How is the Academic IELTS Writing Exam Module Assessed?

If you are preparing for the Academic IELTS exam this article will help you to understand how you’re the Academic Writing task is assessed.

People with tablet discussing Academic IELTS writing assessment criteria

The Academic IELTS Writing Test consists of Task 1 and Task 2, each of them is assessed independently. The IELTS examiner marks the candidate’s responses using performance descriptors corresponding to nine IELTS bands.

IELTS Writing Correction Service

IELTS Writing Task 1 responses are rated using the following four criteria:

Task Achievement
Academic Writing Task 1 is an information transfer task with a specified response where you need to draw on the factual content of a diagram. Remember, on this task you are not expected to speculate or explain anything outside of the input material. This is not a creativity task, stick to the content given. Your text must be at least 150 words in length.
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Take a Step Forward with Confident English!

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Take a Step Forward with Confident English!

Get Confidence in Business Communication – a GEW Event at our Academy of English

Our Academy of English booming with ideas and getting ready for this event – how exciting!
Here is the event programme, take a look and see which activities in our English language school you would like to join – all are FREE.

10.00 – 11.00
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Free GEW Event – Learning English for Business

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Get Confidence in Business Communication!

Learning English for Business

Link School of English in London will be hosting a free event for non-native speakers of English planning to start or growing a business. This event has been featured in top ten events of Global Entrepreneurship Week UK 2013.

Communication is the heart of any business. Successful communication starts with good language skills. Is your English good enough to represent the business well, connect with business partners, promote your product, manage employees, to network, research the market, check industry regulations, gain information to take good decisions?

The way you express yourself matters. It influences how you show up and how others judge you. Did it happen to you that your other skills were underestimated because of your English language skills? Insufficient language skills may limit your career progress, promotion opportunities, confidence in starting own business, confidence in talking to clients, work colleagues, networking etc.
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