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British Summer Customs and Habits

British Summer Customs

Things Brits love to do in summertime

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Britain may not have the best summer in the world but the British summer customs are very enjoyable, no matter he weather. As the spring showers subside and the temperatures climb it is now customary in the UK to enjoy being outdoors and make the most of the long bright evenings and pleasant temperatures. Here are three ideas to get the British summer off to a great start.


3 British Summer Customs and Traditions


Although popularised by our friends from Australia, the BBQ is now one of the UK’s favourite ways to socialise and eat during the summer months. For those lucky enough to have a garden, nothing beats firing up the BBQ at the weekend and inviting friends and family over for food and drinks. Regardless of whether you prefer meat, fish or vegetables, the BBQ gives everything that great smokey taste.


The Picnic

For those who don’t have a garden there’s no need to worry as another great British tradition is the picnic. The beauty of the picnic is that you get to pack all your favourite food and drink and take it with you to your perfect beauty spot. This could be under the shade of a tree beside the river or just in your local park. Nothing feels more summery than a picnic.

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The Music Festival

Woman dancing in Notting Hill Carnival in London
London Notting Hill Carnival

If lazy afternoons eating and drinking are not for you, then how about going to one of the many great music festivals in the UK. These are organised all over the country and range from small local one-day events to huge three-day festivals that host some of the biggest pop and rock bands in the world. There is nothing quite like the atmosphere at these festivals. They have great music, great food and great people. Some of the most famous festivals include The London Notting Hill Carnival and Glastonbury.

Whichever you prefer, these are all sure to get you in to the spirit of summer and show off what has become great about English summer customs.

What are summer customs and traditions in your country? Are they similar or different? What do people typically do during the summertime in your country? Please, write your comments below.


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