Confirm to You vs Confirm You

Do you say confirm to you or confirm you?

If you are wondering how to use the verb ‘to confirm’, with or without ‘to’, here you will find an answer. You may have found both versions used in everyday English. 


Which is correct: ‘confirm to you’ or ‘confirm you’?

Answer: both are correct, but they are used in different contexts.


Let’s look at some examples:


  1. A statement of your status or eligibility for something, e.g. a membership
    We confirm you as a member of our organisation.


  2. A statement of validity or correctness of something
    I can confirm to you that those details are valid.
    We are now able to confirm to you that this issue has been resolved.

    I can confirm to you our appointment on Friday.
    However, although this sentence is correct, it would be more natural to say:
    I confirm our appointment on Friday. 


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