Link School General Terms and Conditions

By making a payment or joining our classes or other activities the Student agrees to our Terms and Conditions and the Code of Conduct.

Maximum number of students in one group is 8, occasionally may be up to 10.
Link School guarantees that all school teachers are fully qualified to teach English as a foreign language to adults and meet the British standards for English language teachers.

Registration will be complete after we receive your payment and all registration documents (filled in registration form and a copy of ID).
By making a payment you agree to our terms and conditions.
Student must provide their ID and contact details at registration. Link School does not accept any responsibility for insufficient or incorrect data provided by the Student.
To avoid disappointment, please register minimum two weeks before the planned start date. However we accept last minute registrations, students registering late may expect a change in the dates initially offered.
Link School does not take registrations with open dates.
All student must be 16 or over at the time when they join our courses.

We work on first-paid-first-served basis – book as soon as you can to secure your place.
Prices are shown in Pound Sterling (£) and include VAT.
Prices and promotional offers are non-negotiable.

Accepted payment methods: bank transfers, credit and debit cards, cash, cheques, PayPal.
Bank transfer
Sort code: 40-38-04
Account number: 24226577
Name of bank: HSBC
Account name: Link School Ltd
For overseas bank transfer
IBAN: GB09HBUK40380424226577

For payments from non UK- based accounts, please add £15 to cover transfer charges.
Credit and debit cards
For payments by credit cards, please add 2,5% to cover bank charges.
Debit card payments are free of charge.
Cheque made payable to: Link School Ltd, accepted minimum 3 weeks before the course start date.
PayPal payments are payable to – please enquire about the e-mail address.
Online payments
Additional administration fees may apply to online payments – please enquire.

Students attending intensive everyday classes should sign up and make payments the latest on Friday to start on Monday the following week.
Student who did not pay the required fee by the required date may not be allowed to take part in lessons until the payment is fully paid or may lose the place in their course group without notice. The payable amount is not to be decreased by the value of unattended lessons due to this reason. The cost of unattended lessons in other cases than resignation is not refundable.
Any overdue payments are liable to incur late payment fee. Payment reminders are liable to incur administration fee.
By making the payment Student agrees to all Link School terms and conditions.

Link School does not charge registration fee.
An administration fee of £5 per page applies to issuing any extra documents (other than registration from and invoice).
Link School fees are non-negotiable.
Additional fees may apply to non-standard tuition or bookings shorter than standard period.
Course books: students can buy course books from the school. Students of courses with rolling enrollment can borrow course books with a refundable deposit. All students of general English courses and exam preparation courses need to have course books.

Unless otherwise mentioned discounts cannot be added together.
Unless otherwise mentioned, the minimum pay-in for any discount is £100.
Instalments are available only after Link School acceptance. Students who missed payment deadlines may not be allowed to pay in instalments in the future or lose their place in the course group.
10 – 15% discount is allowed for part-time courses for early bookings (deadlines apply), if payment is made in one part.
Unless otherwise mentioned discounts do not apply to payments in instalments.
Discount and promotional prices are available only for students registering directly with Link School.
All discounts and promotional offers are subject to availability of places and are granted at Link School’s discretion. In case no discounts can be granted, standard prices apply.
Any promotional or discount offer can be withdrawn by Link School at any time.

Courses are booked with fixed times and dates. Students have the right to change or postpone their booking up to 14 days before the course start date. Changed or postponed booking cannot be changed, postponed or cancelled.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing at the time of registration, classes must be used in consecutive weeks.
Course dates are given in good faith but are not guaranteed. In the event that Link School cancels lessons, the course will be extended by relevant number of lessons. Link School guarantees to deliver the number of course hours paid for. In case it is impossible, the cost of lessons cancelled will be fully refunded. Link School does not carry any responsibility for cancelling lessons because of reasons beyond control of Link School.

Cancellations can be made up to 14 days before the course start date with a full refund (minus £60 administration fee). After that date no refunds will be given. The student should provide Link School with the data necessary for a refund as above. Student’s cancellations and resignations must be made in writing. Students registering late (less than 14 days before the course start date) accept the fact that they lose their right to cancel their reservation.
Refunds can be offered for paid lessons only and do not apply to any free lessons.
Refunds are processed within 30 days.
Link School does not offer refunds for unattended classes.
It is not possible to transfer the course registration to any other person.


This paragraph does not apply to course changes due to level matching of the course group.

In exceptional circumstances, when the Student is unable to attend the current course, the Student may request to change the course times and days, course type or suspend the course. The student must submit the request in a written form to the school office.

All classes must be used during the same or next term, not later than within 6 months from the start date of the course originally booked. If the value of the new course is higher than the course originally booked, the Student will need to pay in the difference before attending the course. If the value of the new course is lower than the original course, the price difference will not be refunded. Only lessons remaining after the date of a written request from the Student can be transferred to the new course. Any lessons unattended before the date of the change request cannot be recovered. Students changing their courses agree to the fact that the course material may be repeated in the new course as well as material missed may not be possible to cover in the new course.

Each change of the course incurs an administration fee of £60. All changes are at the school’s discretion, are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. Link School reserves the right to refuse a course change without providing a reason.

Students are strongly advised to take a placement test prior to the reservation. Students making reservations without a placement test accept the fact, that they may be moved to another course group in case their level of English does not match the level of the group. In such case Link School does not guarantee a place in groups other than registered for or the same times of lessons in other groups or does not offer refunds. Link School does not accept any responsibility for registrations made without taking a placement test.
Link School does not guarantee a place in the group registered for if the placement test result does not reflect student’s actual language ability or the student’s progress throughout the course is significantly different than his course group.
Link School does not accept any responsibility for inaccuracy of placement tests taken online.
Students attending our intensive weekday classes are usually offered places in the groups already running to meet the requirement of flexible registration dates.
Group and level allocation of students is at the school’s discretion.
In exceptional circumstances Link School reserves the right to merge classes to maintain continuity of learning.
If there is only one or two students booked on a course or the student’s language ability doesn’t match the group level Link School reserves the right to move the student to a different course group or convert the group booking into a value equivalent of private classes. This decision is strictly at the discretion of the Link School Management.

Students can receive an attendance certificate on request. There is an administration fee of £5 for the certificate. Only students who attended minimum 80% of the course can receive attendance certificated.

Bookings of private English lessons are valid after we receive the payment and 3 working days notice is required to allow us to fit the lesson in our course plan. At the time of booking, after discussing with the student, we will confirm times and dates of lessons.
We understand that students taking individual course are often very busy and sometimes they need to re-schedule their lessons. This is possible, however an administration fee of £10 will apply every time a change is made. Those changes also require a 3 working days notice. In case of re-scheduling lessons must be used within one month since the original booking.
All other terms apply to private English lessons.

If you have any illnesses, allergy, disability, learning difficulties or special educational needs, this must be reported to the service providers at the time of booking.

The Student will follow all Link School’s health and safety rules. Students who do not observe health and safety or building security rules or will behave inappropriately may be expelled from school without notice or providing a reason. No refunds may be offered in such event.
Students must follow the rules concerning the building health and safety.
Smoking is prohibited in the building or near the open entrance door of the building. In an event of setting off the smoke alarm unnecessarily, the person responsible will be charged a call out fee.
Our terms and conditions are set out to protect Link School students and staff and enable all of us to work in a safe environment and friendly, pleasant atmosphere.

Link School students are expected to conduct themselves respectfully towards other students, school staff members, accommodation providers, other service providers and neighbours.
Students are expected to arrive on time, attend all lessons and do all homework.
Link School students or staff cannot be discriminated against gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religion, views etc. Link School is committed to providing safe and friendly study and work environment. In an unlikely event that the Student experiences or sees any abusive behaviour, they should talk to a staff member which will be treated with confidentiality.
Students will pay the cost of any damage they cause to the school property or at their accommodation.
Link School reserves the right to refuse enrollment or dismiss any student without a refund in the event of misconduct.
By making a payment or joining our classes or other activities the Student agrees to our Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct.

We strongly advise to all students to take out insurance in case of the need to finish the course early due to medical conditions or other unpredictable circumstances. This applies especially to long-term bookings.

Visa or passport applications are the responsibility of the Student.

Link School reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or replace these terms at any time. It is your responsibility to check these terms periodically for changes. You can determine whether changes have been made by the date of the update.

Some problems and issues arise as a result of misunderstanding or misinterpretation. These types of issues can normally be resolved by having an informal chat with the student support representative or with the Director of Studies in the case of academic issues. For more serious problems and complaints students can contact the Managing Director. Complaints will be dealt with as quickly and as effectively as possible.
Complaints should be made immediately, while the student is still attending our courses and the school has a reasonable amount of time to take appropriate action.
Complaints must be made not later than within two weeks since the student became aware of the problem, not later than withing a month after the course end date.
Complaints can be made only when full course fee has been submitted.
Complaints cannot be made on free classes if such were offered.
Should you need to make a complaint, please refer to our Complaint Procedure
In an unlikely event of being unable to reach an agreement, Link School offers mediations through a third party professional mediator.

Link School website disclaimer is a part of our Terms and Conditions.

Link School complies with all aspects of Data Protection Act and GDPR. Your personal data is obtained and stored only for purposes related to providing services ordered. Link School stores your personal information in paper and electronic format. Link School may provide the information to government agencies or security organisations if needed. Personal data and contact details which you share with Link School is for our internal use only and will not be sold to any third parties for marketing purposes.

Unfortunately there is no car park available for students in front of the school building. Students can use free parking in the area (residential streets) or pay and display options available nearby.

Additional terms and conditions apply for booking accommodation and other services.
Images and recordings of students taking part in Link School activities may be used in Link School promotional material and social media. In case the student does not permit such use of their images, they should inform about this fact the school manager. The statement must be provided in writing at the time of registration.
Link School reserves the right to refuse enrolment without providing a reason.
Link School reserves the right to change the place of lessons. In such case Link School must inform the Student in written.
Link School does not accept any responsibility for any misunderstandings caused by insufficient English knowledge of the Student or translations into other languages including Link School’s online or printed promotional materials.
Link School does not accept any responsibility for items left unattended or any loss to personal property at Link School premises.
No person who is not a party to the Link School’s services shall have the right to enforce any term of these conditions.
In some rare cases we may need to refer to our Process for Unreasonable Customer Behaviour
These conditions supersede all previous terms issued by Link School.
English Law governs there Terms and Conditions and the parties agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


Link School of English Code of Conduct

Gift vouchers terms and conditions

Accommodation terms and conditions

Link School of English Safeguarding Policy

Link School of English Data Protection Policy

Privacy Policy

Disclaimer and Disclosure

Registered company name: Link School Ltd
Trading names: “Link School of English, “Link School of English in London”, “Link School, School of English in London”, “Link School”. Company Registration Number: 7293635, Registered in England
Registered office: Ealing House, 33 Hanger Lane, Ealing, London, W5 3HJ, UK
Previous registered office: Northumberland House, 11 The Pavement, Popes Lane, Ealing, London, W5 4NG

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