Easter and Spring in London – Cool Things to Do

Easter in London

Easter and Spring in London – Things to Do

Top 8 Spring Events in London

Article by Link School of English Language


1 Easter at the Roof Gardens – Kensington

Londoners who stay in the town for Easter can enjoy 1.5 acres of green in central London, just above Kensington High Street. Up there, children can hunt chocolate treats together with the Easter Bunny. In the meantime, parents can unwind and sip special cocktails served at the Roof Gardens bar.
Start: 11.45 a.m.


2 London Chocolate Tour – Mayfair

Chocolate lovers can expect an informative and delicious treats on this two-hour long tour of Mayfair visiting some of the world’s finest chocolatiers. The walk is suitable for ages of thirteen and over and booking for this tour is essential.


3 Death by chocolate at The London Dungeon

At The London Dungeon a Victorian sweet shop will be tempting visitors with its colourful confectionary with a sinister twist: the shopkeeper Miss Edmunds is a notorious poisoner. It will probably make you think twice before scoffing all those Mini Eggs. The experience is included in the Dungeon ticket price.


4 The Ideal Home Show Spring

The Ideal Home Show was first launched at London Olympia in 1908. As always, it’s like heaven for the house-proud.


5 ‘All of this belongs to you’ at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Exhibition opening just before the General Election looks at the role of public institutions in contemporary life. Through specially commissioned installations placed around the V&A, the show also explores the part design and architecture can play in defining areas including civic identity, technology, security and democracy. The loan items on display include the hard drives that held documents leaked to the Guardian by Edward Snowden which were subsequently destroyed by the UK Government.


6 ‘Craving: Can your food control you?’ at the Science Museum

You can explore how food affects our bodies, brains and daily habits in an exhibition of different personal stories, curious objects and cutting-edge science and technology.
What’s going on in your brain and body when you find yourself craving for a hamburger or feeling an irresistible urge to have chocolate cake? That’s the question this exhibition at the Science Museum is looking into and investigates how food affects our bodies, brains and customs.
The exhibition explores for example the way dishes and utensils change our perception of taste. Did you know that the fact that food eaten from a gold-plated spoon is perceived as sweeter and thicker? This show may help you to think more carefully about what’s going on when your tummy rumbles.


7 Coral Reefs: Secret Cities of the Sea ant the Natural History Museum

This exhibition of pictures and information collected during the Catlin Seaview Survey of coral reefs. Over 200 specimens from the Natural History Museum’s collections will also be on display.


8 The Syngenta Photography Award Exhibition

Aiming to spark up global discussion thought provoking photography, the second edition of this annual photography award focuses on ‘Scarcity-Waste’.


Enjoy Spring in London!


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