Four Business men networking and communicating in English

Effective Business English Communication

Business English Communication

Tips on Effective Business English Communication

Business English Communication is a very big field and can be looked at from many angles. The main thing to bear in mind is that the aim is not necessarily or not only to be really fluent or to use beautiful and complex English words and grammar structures. That would be very good, but is not always necessary and could be a bad thing sometimes, for instance when your business partner doesn’t speak fluent English. The reason for learning Business English is so that you can communicate accurately and you can talk in English with people of different English language abilities. This means that you should be able to say what you want to say and be confident that both sides have understood clearly what needs to be done. This could be difficult even for English native speakers, and usually when there is a serious matter to be discussed, people tend to speak very plainly, using structures and verbs which cannot be misunderstood easily. Also, with globalisation, international trade and foreign clients, it really makes sense to speak English in a simple, accurate and clear way.


Four Business men networking and communicating in English


Some of our tips on learning Business English Communication are:

  1. Speak clearly and slowly. Use basic sentence structures, e.g.: Subject+Verb+Object (We sell red cars.). Emphasise the main verbs and nouns e.g.: Do you want to buy the house?
  2.  If you are not sure what the person means, repeat back what they said to you in your own words. Use synonyms and even gestures or examples if you have to. Always make sure you are both on the same page.
  3. Make sure that you know all the technical terms of your trade. This will really help, as it is one thing to order a computer component but quite another thing to describe it from scratch in English.
  4. Keep your business English quite formal as that is the most common sort of English in the rest of the world. Don’t use slang unless it is part of the vocabulary commonly used in that trade. Check if your business partners know it first.


  5. Use numbers very carefully. Many people have problems with numbers and mathematics. Make sure that you pronounce numbers clearly. Thirteen turning into thirty due to mispronunciation or 100 into a 1000, due to confusion is not good for business.


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