Four friends walking down the stairs, smiling and learning English language in London

English Language Learning in 3 Easy Ways

3 easy ways of English language learning

Here are three easy ways to learn English and make your English language learning pleasant and effortless

Unless you aspire to be the world’s best polyglot and do the activity merely for the enjoyment of it, English language learning can sometimes be a daunting task. Most English learners will attend group or private English classes, some may self-study. No matter the way of study, all of them will want to practise English speaking in a real life context. If you would like to find out how to do this, keep on reading.


1. Learning English with Love

The reasons for learning English are varied. Many movies have added storylines centred on this and language learning. If you are a fan of seventies comedy and language learning then it is quite possible you’ve encountered Mind your Language. A show, which helped bring credibility to language learning.


The show’s characters were colourful, warm and more often than not stereotypical. Their approach to language learning was diverse and who could not forget Daphne’s sometimes overt belief in obtaining English quickly and easily through the language of love, ‘Oh, boys!’

Four friends walking down the stairs, smiling and learning English language in London
Easy English language learning with friends

Yes, this for many a student has proven to be an easy and effective way to learn the language. Not only do you gain a new cultural experience but a patient and more accessible teacher (when the timing is right of course. Nothing kills a romantic atmosphere more than arguing over prefixes during a Valentine’s Day meal, ‘Thanks honey! That was an inexpensive meal.’ Cringe-worthy or cute?).

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Of course language learning through your partner should not always be one-sided. Many teaching articles and books speak of the benefits of peer-teaching and teaching your potential future Mr or Mrs a few words in your language too could help ease any language learning anxiety you may have by putting you and your native language into the spotlight for once. Think Jamie and Aurelia in Love Actually and if you have not watched it it is highly recommended (with English subtitles of course).


2. English Language Learning with Music

Now let’s turn to another easy way to learn English – music. Remember that lesson when your teacher gave you a copy of a song, made you do all the technical language learning bits, then asked you to sing? Yes, sing. Was it a toe tapping song by Abba or a fist pumping one such as the Eye of the Tiger? You remember the one. Were you the brave one who sang it through proudly, or the shy one who swayed, chirped a few lines then kept quiet? Or the one acted too cool to care yet on the inside was having their own internal concert?

Whichever one you were then it is highly likely you’ve found a friend in YouTube and all its music videos with accompanying lyrics. However, if you want to take the sting out the eye of a sceptical ‘anybody’ who does not believe music is an easy or serious way to learn a language direct them to your textbook or such websites as and sing your heart out. Trust me; they’ll thank you when you save them on a karaoke night out.


3. Learning English with other People

As I’m sure you’ve noticed the examples above on the easiest ways to learn English have all involved people. Indeed, people are the best way to learn a language and the ones aforementioned are almost always safe, fun and interesting to be around. Therefore, if you aren’t a wallflower, technophobe or hold a serious aversion to beating the pavement then an English Language Meet Up Group might just suit you. For those in the know, I recommend you put this article away now but, for those who don’t this proving a popular and ‘inexpensive’ option for students. All you have to do is to go online, find a meet up group and register for free normally, and then go to wherever they usually meet and speak. Students have reported groups usually meet in pubs or for larger groups in a public hall and are really helpful.

So there you have it: Another few easy ways to learn English and add to your toolkit.


Happy English Language Learning!

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