Student learning English with social media on her smartpone with an online app

How to Learn English with Facebook and Twitter

Learn English with Facebook and Twitter

How to Learn English with Facebook and Twitter

Many of you are probably already on Facebook and Twitter. They are amazing ways of staying in contact with our friends and keeping up to date with everything happening in the world. But how can you use them to learn more English after your English language classes?


Here are a couple of tips on how to learn English with Facebook and Twitter


Step 1. Change the language!

If you change the language of your Facebook or Twitter into English you will very quickly learn English words about the internet and communication!

How to do it – on Facebook, click the triangle in the top right corner, click settings, click language and select English (UK). On Twitter you can change the language from the home page. Click language in the top right corner and select English.


Student learning English with social media on her smartpone with an online app


Step 2. Like/Follow some English-speaking pages

The internet is a huge place and there will definitely be something that will be interest to everyone. If you like serious news pages I would recommend BBC News: / @BBCBreaking. They use nice simple English language and talk about events that happen all around the world. If you prefer something funny, then ‘like’ this English jokes page . The British are famous for their humour so this will be very useful! If there is an English-speaking actor/actress/sports star that you like, follow them on Twitter too.


Step 3. Chat away

Are any of your Facebook friends learning English too? Chat to them in English and see how quickly you improve. Luckily there are lots of emoticons ( 🙂 / 🙁 ) that can make it clear what you are trying to say.


Step 4. Words, words, words

There are some brilliant pages on the web which give English language learners lots of new words to learn. If you fancy a challenge, ‘like’ this page to increase your English vocabulary. Or if you prefer Twitter, follow the Cambridge Dictionary Word of The Day @CambridgeWords, specifically designed for ESOL students.


Step 5. Online English learning

If you want to practice more English at home the BBC and The British Council have amazing resources for you. Check out their Facebook pages: ( , ) and their Twitter accounts (@LearnEnglish_BC @bbcle).




Step 6. Link up!

If you haven’t already, like The Link School on Facebook: Link School of English Facebook Page
and follow us on twitter @English_Courses and Pinterest for lots more useful information.


We wish you a fast and enjoyable English learning!


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