Old fashioned film type - Learn English with Films

How to Learn English with Films

Learning English with Films

How to learn English with films



Are you a big movie fan? Are English classes (or work) destroying your precious TV watching time? Well this is your lucky day. Here is an English learning technique for you which combines both study and pleasure.

We should all know about switching on the subtitles on the TV or DVD player by now. You can usually turn on the subtitles for your language or into English, depending on the original language. This is a reasonably useful tool, especially for reading and writing development. But subtitles can easily just turn into a lazy way of reading movies, you probably won’t develop all the necessary skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) in an even manner. Also let’s face it, automatic subtitles can drive you crazy with typos, delays and random errors.
The way to really get learning in a big way via watching loads of movies is actually a little different from what you might imagine.


What you need to do to learn English with movies is:

Watch the movie in your own language first. – Almost all mainstream Hollywood movies and TV series are now available dubbed into umpteen different languages. Just find a bunch of movies that you wouldn’t mind watching a couple of times, watch them in your own language first and then watch them in English. The reason this method works so well, is that because you already know exactly what the story is, you can concentrate on checking how the actors express themselves in English.

Old fashioned film type - Learn English with Films

Most DVDs in English have an option for English subtitles, so you can really get to grips with the English language. This will help a lot with comprehension, reading and of course English spelling.
Soon you will be learning tons of really useful English vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and most importantly, you will be training your ears to pick up on natural English speech patterns. This is really important, as it is very common for students to complain that they can understand the teacher in the classroom very well, but when they listen to ordinary people in day to day situations, it just sounds like gibberish to them and they can’t understand anything.

This happens because you really need to train your ears to recognize the key sounds and patterns of a language. It can certainly take time and it does indeed sound like gibberish in the beginning, but later on, with a little patience, you will wonder why you found it so hard to understand.


We wish you an enjoyable English learning!


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