Students and teacher in a class of Evening English language courses in London

Is an Evening English Class right for you?

Is an Evening English Class right for you?

What to look at when considering Evening English Classes

If you’re looking to work and study English at the same time, an evening English course may just be ideal for you.

Here we look at some of the advantages of our evening classes to help you decide if this is right for you.

Firstly, as availability of jobs globally (and especially in countries like Greece and Spain) continues to reduce, many students who come to Link School find the need to work and study at the same time in order to be able to fulfil the cost of not just improving their English language skills but also of supporting themselves during their stay in London.

We find this to be the case, not just with our students from countries outside of the UK, but home students as well.  Many of our students from London and other parts of the U.K find evening classes to be very convenient and effective in improving their career prospects. Working during the day and learning English during the evening allows them to speed up the process of advancing in their careers, as they don’t have to put off getting a job until they feel their language skills are good enough.  This also has the added bonus of being able to continue improving their language skills outside the classroom as their workplace gives them the ideal opportunity to practice their newly acquired knowledge.

Students and teacher in a class of Evening English language courses in London


Another advantage of attending English evening classes is that it can help make your day overall much more lively and productive.  Working during the day and studying in the evenings may make your day very busy but for some, this gives them the feeling of having spent their time well which can help them feel better overall.

And finally, evening classes can also help you forget your problems at work.  Tough days at work do happen and having to study after such days helps you take your mind off things and feel better again.

Of course, if you’re visiting London to get to know the city better whilst improving your English skills, you may not have the need to work during your stay here.  However, you may still find that an evening class gives you the time during the day to visit all the lovely attractions that the city has to offer.

As a student I can say, that attending evening classes also keeps me young and lively. The atmosphere of a school and its own requirements force me to forget the difficulties of working time. I have always loved this kind of atmosphere.




If you’re interested in our evening classes or want to know more please call +44 (0) 2035815806, visit us in person or fill in the contact form here.


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