English language teacher during in-company English course

Is good English important for your career?

Learning English for your career

Is good English language knowledge important for your work and career?

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English language teacher during in-company English course


The importance of English in your career

This is question we are commonly asked by students before they enroll on an English language course and at the risk of sound bias, I would say the answer is most definitely ‘Yes’.

Out of all the factors that determine your success in your professional career, as important as what you know is who you know or in other words, your relationships and connections and with English being the most common language in the world it’s important for you to be able to communicate effectively with others.

A good command of English can help you achieve that.



I thought I would take this time to write a post about how good English skills can help you not just at work but in other areas of your life as well.

Let’s begin with the area of work.


Your area of work

In any country where the main language is English, I’m betting that you won’t find many if any people working in companies that do not speak English to at least a conversational level.  And it would only make sense since it’s unlikely an employee can help a customer if the employee cannot communicate with the customer effectively.

If you think of the times you may have interacted with an employee at a senior management of a company, I can say with some certainty that they had a very good grasp of English even if they were not native English speakers.


Promotion opportunities

In the long run,  promotion opportunities including travel or international meetings,  it makes sense for companies to send employees who can speak their native language very fluently which is why even here in the UK, you’ll find foreign delegates able to speak English very well.


With the current state of the economy, job vacancies are less, competition high and employers more demanding than ever and if you can show that you can add value and help a prospective employer by being able to speak English well, you certainly have a competitive advantage already.


Working online

If you have ever used eBay you may have found many sellers providing great products but poor customer service not because of their business culture but because they are unable to speak English well.  Here, by ‘well’ I mean the level required in order to be able to run a business smoothly.



Socially, the same principles of communication apply. Whether that’s making new friends, building connections or even virtually interacting with someone on Social Media like Facebook or LinkedIn,  if you are able to communicate easily with the other person this can help expand your social circle as well.


If you want to improve your English, you now have more choices than ever before.  You have English Schools, Distance Learning Courses, Open University to name a few.


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4 thoughts on “Is good English important for your career?”

  1. Diego Sarmmiento

    English helps me to get better job offers and others I have more knowledge and I can read more but I learned more things

  2. daniel narvaez

    The English is very important for my career because it gives a lot of oportunities and it helps to start new business.

  3. Edison Daniel Segura Cabrera

    My name is Edison Cabrera and my perspective I think that English is very important in our lives as the workplace, opens many doors to many markets where perhaps without English you could not have opened those doors, intellectually I think it is a huge tool.

  4. Ana vianey torres prieto

    Hello everyone!
    My name is Ana Torres and my point of view is very important in our lives as the workplace, opens many doors and many opportunities to get ahead and have better income where perhaps without English you could not have opened those doors, intellectually I think it is a huge tool

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