Three students walking, talking and Learning English after school

Learning English Outside of School

Learning English Outside of School

Ways to learn more English

How many hours do you spend learning English at the Link School of English every week?

What if there was a way you could learn more English for FREE?

There are lots of ways you can learn and improve English outside of the classroom: at work, at home and even on the bus. Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can learn:


Learning English Speaking Skills

– People in Britain love to chat, especially about the weather! Try talking in English to your colleagues or to people at the shops. I know that can be scary but here are some good ways to start a conversation in English:
– Beautiful day, isn’t it? (if it’s sunny outside)
– Terrible day, isn’t it? (if it’s raining outside)
– Looking forward to the weekend? (on Friday afternoon or evening)
– Good weekend? (on Monday morning)


Three students walking, talking and Learning English after school


Learning English Listening Skills

– Next time you are on the Underground or the bus, listen to the announcements. What do you think they mean? What words they use about travelling and directions?
– When you listen to English language music, listen to the words. What are they singing about? After you have listened, search for the lyrics online and read them as you listen to the song again.


Learning English Reading Skills

– Sign up at your local library and have a look at the ‘Young adult’ section. These are really good stories but with easier language. Also have a look at the ‘Comics’ and ‘Graphic Novels’ sections. These have pictures with the words so it is easier to see what things are.
– When you are at a café, a bar or a restaurant, have a look at the menu. Are there any types of food or drink that you do not know? Look them up and you’ve learnt some new words!


How to learn English Writing Skills

– If you have made some friends in your English class, swap email addresses with them and send each other messages in English. You will get to know a new friend and practise writing in English at the same time!
– Next time you go shopping write your shopping list in English and see how many food and drink words you can remember.
– Describe things. Do you like cooking? Write a recipe! Do you like sport? Write about the football you just saw! Whatever you enjoy, you could write about it.


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I hope you enjoy learning English outside of the classroom.

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