How to Register for an IELTS Test in 4 Steps

How to Register for an IELTS Test in 4 Steps

Short guide on how to sign up for an IELTS exam

Are you planning to take the IELTS exam?
You can prepare for the IELTS exam at Link School of English in London. After completing your IELTS preparation course, you will need to sign up for your exam. To make it easier for you we have prepared a short guide on how to register for an IELTS test.

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Step 1
Find your nearest IELTS examination centre

You will find a list IELTS exam centres in London here: IELTS Test Centres in London

Step 2
Print out the IELTS application form or ask us for a copy (if you are a Link School student).
Complete the form, sign it and attach a photocopy of your ID.

Step 3
Submit the application form to your chosen exam centre together with your exam fee.

Step 4
After your registration, your IELTS test centre will confirm your IELTS exam date, time and address of the venue.

On the exam day you need to present the same passport or national ID card that you provided together with your IELTS application form.

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Good luck on your IELTS test!

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