Subscribe to vs Subscribe for - the Difference Explained

Subscribe to or subscribe for? Which is correct?

Answer: both are correct, but there is a small difference between the two.


What’s the difference between subscribe for and subscribe to?

Answer: ‘subscribe to’ is related to the service you join and ‘subscribe for’ describes what you receive with your subscription.

Here are the most popular ways in which we use subscribe to and subscribe for:


Subscribe to

  • ‘Subscribe to’ is often used in relation to online services, e.g. you can subscribe to a YouTube channel, subscribe to a newsletter or a mailing list.
  • You can also subscribe to an idea or view, meaning that you agree with it.


Subscribe for

  • You can say that you subscribed for a magazine, so you will receive the new issues of the magazine. 
  • Another common use of ‘subscribe for’ is to talk about subscription for bonds or shares, again something that entitles those who buy them to receive future benefits. 
How do you use ‘subscribe’ in a sentence?


Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. 

I could never subscribe to his views. 

All employees can subscribe for company shares. 


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