Take a Step Forward with Confident English!

Take a Step Forward with Confident English!

Get Confidence in Business Communication


A GEW Event at our Academy of English

Our Academy of English booming with ideas and getting ready for this event – how exciting!
Here is the event programme, take a look and see which activities in our English language school you would like to join – all are FREE.



10.00 – 11.00

An informal introduction with opportunity to talk to our teachers, get some information, take one on one consultation. We will be here to help and answer any questions.



11.00 – 12.30

Run by Eddy Silva and Magda Oziminska

An interactive inspirational talk on English language learning, it’s role in career development, with examples from our team – both success stories and traps waiting for non-native speakers of English. Followed by a discussion about learning English for work and a networking opportunity.
We want to think together with you to help you as a learner of English to find solutions to your needs and empower for success in running a business or professional career. Our aim is to reduce language barriers to facilitate your growth.



Run by Carolyn Burke

13.30 – 2.30 – pre-intermediate level
2.30 – 3.30 – intermediate level
3.30 – 4.30 – upper-intermediate level
You can book your free English class at our academy of English by emailing us or on the Eventbrite website. The number of places is limited – book now.

*Please note, before joining a class we will ask you to take a level. Quality of teaching and learning depends on good match of the group level and we want to make sure we provide you what you need.
** Available for new students only.



1.30 – 5.00

The aim of these one on one sessions is to identify your English learning needs, think together how you can best fit English Classes in your schedule, set learning goals with realistic time frame, discuss your difficulties in learning English and find solutions for you.
The sessions will be run by Magda Oziminska, Managing Director and Eddy Silva, Director of Studies at Link School. Both are qualified English teachers, successful professionals and language learners – they have all it takes to give you insight in your learning needs and inspire for career development.


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