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Tips on How to Learn English for Beginners

Beginner English Learning Tips

6 Tips on How to Learn English for Beginners

The most difficult is to start, so they say…


Here are some tips and ideas how to start learn English for beginners

As a beginner language learner, in some ways you are like a baby. Babies learn their language slowly through these stages:

  • First, they listen to the language
  • Then, they start to speak
  • Finally, they learn to read and write


Tip 1: Listen to English Every Day

You can listen to English songs – this is an easy way to learn English for beginners and doesn’t take a lot of time. You may look up the lyrics of your favourite songs and check new words to understand better next time you hear the song.

Watch English TV. Start watching the news or series you have already watched in your own language. You might not understand much the first time but don’t worry about that. Even if you understand only a couple of words, that is OK, you are only a beginner. Watch it again and again. You will progressively understand more and more words and sentences.

Watch English films. You may find it easier in the beginning, if the film has subtitles in your language. Watch it again and again. Try to look less and less at the subtitles, if any.

Icon with a green tick box and thumbs up - Tips on How To Learn English for Beginners

Tip 2: Make an English Speaking Friend

Hear English native speakers talk in everyday situations.

Practise dialogues and simple conversation with your English speaking friends.


Tip 3: Read English Stories

Start with children’s storybooks. English books for kids contain most of the basic English vocabulary you need to learn.

Read advertisements, signs and labels.

Read the news about what interests you in English (sports, celebrities, cinema etc.). You will have more fun and will remember English words better when reading about what interests you.


Tip 4: Write Down New English Words

Start an English vocabulary notebook. Write the new words that you are learning, in alphabetical order (A…B…C…). It will improve your spelling as well as find the word when you need it.

Make example sentences, then it is much easier to remember the meaning of the words.

Always use an English-English dictionary first. It will make you learn faster new words and how to use them, properly.


Tip 5: Keep a Diary in English.

Start with just one sentence if you like, and it’s probably best to keep it to a maximum of one page until you are used to doing it regularly and won’t get discouraged.
To make the writing easier you can have a set of questions to answer every day:
How do you feel?
How is the weather?
What did you do today?

Write another sentence the next day or try to write a longer answer every day. This is a method that will help you to keep track of your progress in English.
Join in a forum of English learners in the Internet. It keeps you motivated and helps you to learn English faster as well as helps to improve writing in English. You can also exchange tips and ideas on how to learn English for beginners and higher levels.


Tip 6: Practise English Every Day

Look for situations in your everyday life which you can speak, read or listen to English. Speak English aloud while alone at home and doing exercises or some home chores.


Enjoy your English learning!


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