Head with question mark - what type of English learner are you?

What Type of English Learner are you?

Type of English Learner Quiz

How do you learn English?

What type of English learner are you?

When you are in language class, do you find some exercises really easy? And some problems really, really hard? Don’t worry! Everybody has this problem. We all learn differently and so you will all learn English differently too. When you know what type of learner your are you can do the most of your study time.

Head with question mark - what type of English learner are you?


Find out what type of learner you are

If you do this short quiz below you can find out what type of English learner you are:


Quiz questions

1. I am better at…
A – Reading
B – Talking
C – Using my hands

2. When I study for a test I…
A – Read the information and it in my head
B – Say the question to myself quietly
C – Underline and highlight the information

3. When cooking I…
A – Look around for new recipes
B – Ask my friends for ideas
C – Throw some ingredients together!

4. When I get lost I…
A – Find a map
B – Ask for directions
C – Walk around until I recognise where I am

5. At the weekend I would rather…
A – Watch a film
B – Go to a music concert
C – Go to the gym


Quiz results

Now, check your results and advice how to learn English more effectively.

Mostly A’s?

You are a visual learner, you use your eyes. 29% of people are the same as you.
In your English class, keep your eyes on the board and all the handouts you are given and you will absorb lots of information. Take advantage of the vocabulary sections in the back of the textbooks which have lots of pictures to help you.

Mostly B’s?

You are a auditory learner, you like to listen. 34% of people are the same as you.
Luckily you have lots to listen to: your English teacher, your colleagues, the CD player and every English speaker you meet outside the classroom. Repeat what you hear and your English pronunciation will improve in no time.

Mostly C’s?

You are a tactile learner, you like to move around. 37% of people are the same as you.
Underline, highlight and write all over everything. When you role-play situations really pretend to be the character and you will remember the language for a long time.

At the Link School of English we plan our lessons to suit all three of these learning styles so that all you watchers, listeners and doers all learn English as much as possible!


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